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We are one of the Founding guilds of Marvel heroes and have one of the most active and thriving Supergroups. We currently have a full guild of 100 active members, that have members on at all different times of the day, and always have people to run stuff with. So on behalf of Marvel Knights we welcome you to the game and to our official recruitment thread. The following is a list of what Marvel Knights has to offer.

Diverse Community We have a very wide and diverse roster of members, ranging from casual members, to hardcore members. We have members on from all over the globe, so there is always members to group up with and talk to. We have a group of helpful and courteous members that are always ready to help with any questions you may have.

Voice Communication We offer a 35 Slot TeamSpeak server, to all of our members for any sort of voice communication, for grouping and just general chatter.

Forum Access We offer a wide set of forums, posting all different aspects of the game. As well as posting most of the important information from the official forums.

Structured Leadership We have a structured leadership. Officers which are assigned to different aspects of the day to day runnings of the guild. Our guild is always full of active members we do a monthly clean up, to make sure that we always have the most active people in our guild we can possibly get.

Applications are currently: Open

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